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Pokémon Gen 3

Generation 3 - Living Pokédex Guide

Goal and guidelines

The goal of this guide is to help anyone complete a Living Pokédex in Pokémon Emerald. As Gen 3 covers 7 games and can be approached in multiple ways, here are the directions followed when writing it:

  • The Gen 3 guide, more than the Gen 1 and 2 ones, is meant to be used as a template, not a step-by-step walkthrough. A lot of decisions are influenced by my personal preferences, such as avoiding catching every Pokémon in XD: Gale of Darkness. But modifying it to fit each player's own playstyle is hugely encouraged. The Pokémon info page is here to help in adapting the guide.
  • Obtaining Pokémon in Emerald is preferred in order to prevent trading, and avoided in Pokémon XD to reduce purification and trading time.
  • In-game trades are never considered, except when it is the only available option.
  • Access to in-game events is assumed whenever the Pokémon would be unavailable otherwise.
  • As two advanced playthroughs are required to obtain both DeepSea items, Ruby or Sapphire can be used for capture convenience and to take advantage of the EXP boost for evolutions. A savefile on one of these versions is already necessary to obtain the Pokémon from Colosseum's bonus disc.
  • LeafGreen is chosen over FireRed as it is the only version to have access to Slowpoke, making it mandatory.

Additional information

For the smoothest experience possible, here are some extra details on how to read and use the Living Pokédex guide:

  • The Pokémon within each area are ordered by rarity (and floor whenever relevant). It is advised to focus on the rare Pokémon first. The areas themselves are loosely organized in the order they are encountered.
  • Trading from FireRed or LeafGreen to a non-remake game requires completing the Sevii Island questline, itself available after catching 60 Pokémon in order to unlock the National Pokédex.
  • More information about Gen 3 and general tips are available on the extra info page, such as ways to obtain the elusive Celebi. A bit of extra knowledge can shorten playtime significantly and make the experience much more enjoyable.
  • This checklist and the Pokédex tracker are linked. If a Pokémon is caught in one page, the other page should be refreshed to show the change.
  • The Gen 3 Living Dex is a tough and lengthy challenge, but you can do it! Good luck!

Pokémon LeafGreen

Pallet Town

Route 1

Viridian Forest

Route 3

Mt. Moon

Diglett's Cave

Pewter City

Route 7

Celadon City

Saffron City

Pokémon Tower

Route 11

Route 12

Route 18

Safari Zone

Route 21

Cinnabar Island

Pokémon Mansion

Mount Ember

Cape Brink

Berry Forest

Seafoam Islands

Power Plant

Route 22

Victory Road

Icefall Cave

Memorial Pillar

Water Labyrinth

Lost Cave

Water Path

Pattern Bush

Sevault Canyon

Tanoby Chambers

Rocket Warehouse

Cerulean Cave

Pokémon Colosseum

Beginning of the game

Phenac City

Pyrite Town

Pyrite Bldg

Pyrite Cave

Agate Village

Mt. Battle

The Under

The Under Subway

Shadow Pokémon Lab

Tower Colosseum

Snagem Hideout

Deep Colosseum


Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Beginning of the game

Oasis Poké Spot


Phenac City

Cipher Key Lair

Citadark Isle

Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire

Route 101

Abandoned Ship

Slateport City

Pokémon Emerald

Route 101

Route 103

Route 102

Petalburg Woods

Route 116

Rusturf Tunnel

Granite Cave

Route 110

Route 117

Route 111

Route 113

Route 114

Meteor Falls

Route 115

Fiery Path

Jagged Pass

Lavaridge Town

Mirage Tower

Route 118

Route 119

Route 120

Mt. Pyre

Aqua Hideout

Mossdeep City

Lilycove City

Shoal Cave

Route 129

Route 132

Route 104


Abandoned Ship

Slateport City

Sootopolis City

Ever Grande City

Victory Road

Desert Underpass

Rustboro City

New Mauville

Safari Zone

Desert Ruins

Island Cave

Ancient Tomb

Marine Cave

Terra Cave

Sky Pillar

Littleroot Town

Roaming Hoenn

Southern Island

Faraway Island

Birth Island

Final cleanup



The End

Lilycove City